Peer Review Process

The ACIE organizing committee maintains a blind review policy in which the reviewer's identity is hidden. Authors must present their papers honestly without falsification, plagiarism, or inappropriate data manipulation. Submitted papers are evaluated for contribution, originality, relevance, and presentation. Papers will be submitted for anonymous review by at least one reviewer who will be a member of the Editorial process committee or another person of similar standing in the field. The decision to accept the paper is final, and no correspondence can be made regarding manuscripts deemed unfit for publication in proceedings. All correspondence will be emailed, including notification of acceptance decisions and revision requests.

The submissions are rated using the following criteria.

  1. The title is appropriate, concise, and clear.
  2. The abstract accurately represents the article.
  3. The author's goals are clear and well-justified.
  4. The author employs appropriate citations.
  5. The references are sufficient.
  6. Every component is complete and relevant.
  7. The article is of sufficient length (consult the article template).
  8. All of the statements are clear.
  9. The article makes a significant contribution to the advancement of theories and/or practices in the field.