About the Annual Conference of Islamic Education

This is the first annual conference of islamic education organized by Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teacher Training, UIN Kiai Haji Achmad Siddiq Jember. This conference is a forum held to bring together various academics, researchers, lecturers, and practitioners, especially in the scope of Islamic education to discuss various contemporary issues related to the development of the world of Islamic education in the era of global transformation.

This event can give you a valuable opportunity to share ideas, ideas, research results, theories, and various other contributions in the academic world. It can also encourage you to increase the network of collaborative relationships between researchers and other writers to build partnerships.

The 1st Annual Conference of Islamic Education (ACIE) relies on 10 sub-themes:
1. Religious Moderation in Education
2. Ta'lim al Lughah al-Arabiyah fi al-Ashr al-Raqmiy
3. Moderation Based Management in Islamic Education
4. Prospective Islamic Elementary/Primary School
5. Adaptive Early Childhood Learning and Development
6. Developing Language Teacher Assesment Literacy
7. Etnopedagogy for Social Studies
8. Biodiversity based on Local Wisdom toward Environmental Care
9. Mathematics Education and Its Integration
10. Integrated Science Education based on Local Excellences